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Tips For Camping With Infants And Toddlers In An RV | Mid Florida RV

Many parents can't wait to pass their love for camping and the outdoors onto their child! And, the best time to do it is during their infant and toddler years! As research shows that much of a child's formulative brain development happens within the first few years, exposing them to different types of stimulating experiences is one of the best ways establish a sense of learning and curiosity. Camping is full of exciting sights, sounds, textures and smells.

Plus, you don't have to worry about school schedules or need to find a babysitter while you're relaxing in the outdoors a few days. A camping trip helps teach your child to adapt to new environments and situation, encourages them to wake up early to catch the sunrise, and even gives an excuse for multiple activities to participate in.

Infant & Toddler-Friendly RVing

Camping with your infant or toddler allows your family to begin creating lasting memories. Regardless of their age, regular camping trips will begin to foster a sense of adventure and exploration. RVs allow you to enjoy all of these camping-related benefits from the comfort of a controlled, familiar environment.

RVs today have more features and layouts than ever before. In order to find the best RV for your family, check out these tips:

  • Space: An RV with plenty of space for toddlers to move around and play is perfect. Separate rooms or divided sleeping spaces are also useful in helping your child fall asleep.

  • Functionality: A functional heating and cooling systems is most important when buying and RV for your family. Consider whether the RV is durable? Invest in one that will last your family for many trips to come. Consider available lighting, outlet placement and whether their is a built-in bathtub for your baby.

  • Storage: Interior storage is essential for any family whether you need to stock diapers or need organization for multiple toys. A toy hauler is a type of exterior storage meant for bikes or kayaks; however, it's also an ideal place for a stroller, bouncer, playpen and other baby gear.

  • Safety: Safety is the most important feature of an RV. Make sure seatbelts are available and functional. Also, check for a carbon monoxide and smoke detector, rearview camera and electronic braking system.

Essential RV Gear For Infants

Infants and toddlers require extra gear than just the camping essentials. Be sure to bring everything for your child's daily routine along with some of these extra considerations:

  • Car Seat - Remember to abide by all laws and weight recommendations.

  • Crib - Whether your RV can accommodate a full-size crib or a travel size.

  • Changing Bag - Include travel rolls for public restrooms or out sight-seeing.

  • Toys - Don't forget your child's favorite toy and a wagon or starter bike.

  • First-Aid Kit - Include infant/toddler meds such as cotton balls, medicine dropper, etc.

  • Bug & Sun Protection - Along with baby-safe sunscreen, consider a sunhat.

  • Recreation Items - Consider child-size camping chairs, floaties, or a life jacket.

  • Baby Carriers - These are great for hiking or boating; consider a backpack version.

  • Bathtubs - If your RV only has a shower, these are great for portability.

  • High Chair - Look for a foldable or portable model that is easy to wipe clean.

9 Tips For RVing with Infants & Toddlers

Now that you've found the perfect RV for your camping trip and prepared with all of the camping and baby gear, it's time to hit the road! So, don't miss out on these quick tips:

  1. Create a Play Area - Consider bringing a pop-up playpen or fenced-in baby enclosure that you can setup at the campsite. You can put all of your child's favorite toys along with your camping chair to make an easy play area. You can even use a camping mat or soft interlocking tiles to create a mess-free play area.

  2. Baby-Proof Everything - Baby-proofing is key to infant and toddler safety. Cover the outlets and stovetop knobs, add corner guards to counters and tables, add a child lock to all doors leading outside, install a door alarm, keep cabinets and cupboards secured, and make sure to keep all hazardous gear such as fishing hooks, hunting gear, lighter fluid, etc locked and away from reach.

  3. Start Small - Maybe start with a short weekend trip to see how your child responds so that you can see if any additional considerations may be need to be considered. Or, possibly setup your RV at home for a trial run. Once mastered, you can gradually up the time and distance traveled.

  4. Stick To Baby's Schedule - No matter what, keep your child's schedule as close to the original as possible. By sticking to a familiar schedule, everyone will be more comfortable and know what to expect. As well, there will be minimal adjustments when you're back home.

  5. Rest Before Traveling - Set yourself up for success and make sure to get quality sleep before your camping trip. Hiking and other activities can wear you out before it's over.

  6. Establish a Sleep Area - Especially with young ones, one simple way to help an infant/toddler sleep in the RV is to designate their own comfy sleeping area. Consider using light-blocking curtains, white noise machines, and making their sleeping area stable with leveling jacks.

  7. Bring Fresh Water - If you're boondocking, be sure to bring fresh water with you especially if your infant is drinking formula. Remember not to let your child drink from a river, pond, stream or lake if you are hiking or traveling away from the campground.

  8. Expect to Go Through More Clothes Than Normal - This is a general rule for children and adults alike. Your family will be more exposed to dirt and are likely to sweat. So, be sure to bring plenty of backup outfits.

  9. Choose the Right Campground - Choose a destination that is safe, clean and near family-friendly attractions. Destinations that infants/toddlers enjoy are aquariums and zoos.

Now that you and the kiddos are ready to do some RV camping, it's time to head over to Mid Florida RV Rentals! You can rent an RV and hit the road! Call 866-MID-FLRV (866-643-3578) for your RV rental needs!