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RV Recipes: Convection Oven Spinach & Feta Flatbread Pizza | Mid Florida RV

A typical RV kitchen comes standard with a convection oven and microwave combo. If you haven't already used a convection oven before, you may wonder " What is convection oven cooking? And, where do I find recipes?"

With a convection and microwave combo, you get the best of both worlds in a single appliance allowing for faster cooking time and even browning and baking.

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One of our favorite quick and easy recipes for convection cooking are flatbread pizzas because they're not laden with too much cheese. The thin, crispy dough sports less toppings than a pizza and doesn't make you feel weighed down.

This family-friendly Spinach & Feta Flatbread Pizza takes only 15 minutes from start to finish. Use fresh spinach, feta, mozzarella, and red onions on a flatbread pizza to put a unique and healthy twist on the usual pizza night.

Fresh Ingredients

You will need the following:

  • Na'an Bread - plain or garlic na'an

  • Spinach - use fresh for optimal flavor, but if you only have frozen, be sure to squeeze the water out before using

  • Feta - use thick feta crumbles

  • Shredded Mozzarella - whole milk mozzarella is preferred as it melts better and browns more easily

  • Red Onions

  • Sea Salt

  • Pepper & Garlic Powder

  • Plain Tomator Sauce (optional)

Super-Easy Instructions

First, slice the onions and garlic, then sauté in a small pan with olive oil for about 3 minutes, until the onions begin to caramelize and are soft.

While those are coking, preheat your convection oven to 450 degrees.

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Next, spread a little bit of tomato sauce on the na'an. Then layer with mozzarella, pepper, garlic powder, spinach, onion, garlic, and feta. Sprinkle with sea salt over the top.

Bake your spinach and feta flatbread pizza for 10-12 minutes.

The feta will not melt much, so you'll know it's done when the mozzarella cheese begins to brown.

Now that you're ready to do some RV convection oven cooking, it's time to head over to Mid Florida RV Rentals where you can have pizza night with the family under the stars! Call 866-MID-FLRV (866-643-3578) for your RV rental needs!