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You've traveled in your RV umpteen miles to arrive at the RV park and are ready to get settled in! But, it's not like a hotel where you just check-in and drop off your luggage in the room. You'll need to go through some important steps to setup your campsite for safety and efficiency.

Our RV Checklist: Campsite Setup below will walk you through the proper protocols so that you'll be ready to start your RV adventure!

Arriving At Campground

  • Check in at the campground.

  • Get campground map and ask check-in attendant for best directions to site.

  • Drive to site.

Parking The RV

  • Spotter get out of vehicle to walk site and determine everything is good and where to park the rig.

  • Spotter check for tree branches and other things that may get in the way when parking. (power pedestal, trees, table, etc.)

  • Call driver to begin getting the rig into the site. If in a drivable with a tow car - unhook tow car first.

  • Back in or pull into site taking your time and doing multiple checks so you don't hit anything.

Leveling The RV

  • Check if the rig is level. If not, see if you can move back and forth or right or left on site to get more level.

  • Once rig is in place, apply levelers under wheels if need be. Or use leveling jacks in rig.

  • Once level - chock wheels. Or in drivable put on parking break.

  • Put down tongue or front landing gear to trailer or fifth wheel.

  • Unhitch and pull tow vehicle out for trailer or fifth wheel.

  • Put down stabilizers for trailer or fifth wheel.

Hooking Up Power

  • Make sure 30/50 amp breaker is off at the pedestal.

  • Plug in your surge protector to pedestal and cord into surge protector and turn on breaker.

Hooking Up Fresh Water

  • Attach inline water filter to campsite's water spigot.

  • Attach fresh water hose to inline water filter.

  • While holding other end of hose turn on campground water and let flow through the hose until water is clear.

  • Attach end of hose to RV city water hookup or inlet.

Hooking Up Sewer

  • Attach sewer hose to RV sewer outlet and extend to campsites sewer connection.

  • Attach proper connection for sewer donut.

  • Open gray tank valve (leave black valve closed until you need to empty it).

Pulling Out Slides

  • Put stairs down.

  • Head inside and look around slide-out area to make sure nothing is blocking the slide.

  • Check outside to verify slide won't hit anything.

  • Put slides out.

Download Printable RV Checklist: Campsite Setup Below:

Download PDF • 861KB

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