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Easy & Tasty Food Hacks To Try When Traveling In An RV | Mid Florida RV

Updated: Feb 17

When you're planning an RV camping trip, it is easy to imagine that you will stick to your budget and eat all your meals at "home." But one you're on the road, choosing between eating out and cooking in can be a losing battle, especially if you haven't properly lined up your meals ahead of time. That is why we have compiled a list of some easy and tasty food hacks that will come in handy on your RV trip, especially if you want to save money while RV camping.

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Pre-Planning Your Meals Saves Your Budget & Time

Preparation Is Key

Adequate preparation is the key to a successful RV camping experience. From organizing your itinerary to mapping your route to prepping your meals, you are guaranteed to have a better trip if you plan ahead. Before you leave for your road trip, stock the fridge and cabinets with foods you know you will eat, so you don't find yourself constantly stopping for takeout. Make sure anything loose is properly secured in the kitchen and you're good to go!

Stick To Simple Meals

You may have had your eye on that homemade spaghetti bolognese recipe for weeks, but your RV trip may not be the best time to whip it up. Pasta dishes, fried foods, and other labor-intensive recipes will take time to prepare and can quickly drain your propane tank. The best RV camping meals are quick, uncomplicated meals that don't use a lot of ingredients and require very little time in the oven or on the stove. Think grilled chicken tacos, steak sandwiches, or turkey burgers.

Bring Lightweight, Durable Dishes

You probably have utensils, dishes, and serving bowls you love at home. But when you are traveling in an RV, lugging around bulky dishware can be a pain, especially when it comes to doing the dishes in a compact kitchen space. For an effortless cleanup, we recommend substituting your heavy ceramic dishes for durable plastic dishware that is both lightweight and easy to clean. Find an inexpensive set that looks nice and suits your family's needs, and your mealtimes will be a breeze.

Marinate Meals Ahead Of Time And Freeze

If you plan to grill for some of your meals (which is a great way to spend less time in the kitchen), you can save yourself a ton of time and effort by marinating and freezing meats in the days leading up to your trip. Store the meat in separate freezer bags and pack them in your RV fridge or cooler (bonus - they will work like ice packs in the cooler, keeping your other food cold) and simply toss them on the grill as they thaw.

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Marinating Your Meats Ahead Of Time Allows For Less Time In The Kitchen

Invest In An Instant Pot

If you are looking for a small RV kitchen appliance that does it all, the Instant Pot may be right up your alley. From sauteing to pressure cooking in between, the Instant Pot is a hard-working device that takes up very little counter space, which makes it a great addition to your RV repertoire. Not only does the Instant Pot offer six cooking functions in one convenient package, but it also cooks meals up to 70% faster, which means more time to spend with your family!

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