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Whether you’re driving a Class A luxury motorcoach or a compact Class B camper van, a little organization goest a long way! Instead of starting your vacation searching the cabin endlessly for your sunglasses or stepping over the kids’ shoes in the middle of the floor, we can offer some space-saving hacks and clever organizational tips to keep your RV organized no matter the size. So, let’s get started!

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Tips For Existing Space

With plenty of RV parts and accessories to add to your coach for space-saving organization, let’s start with a few techniques to use with existing storage spaces.

  • Store items in unused areas. If you’re not using a bunk bed, store some extra items in a few tubs behind the bunk curtain. If you’re not planning to cook this trip, store some items in the oven but remember to remove them if plans change.

  • Try to choose an RV with plenty of storage solutions. If renting, be sure to ask how much storage is available. Many new RVs include clever storage behind TVs or under the beds.

  • Don’t forget exterior storage. Most RVs include an abundance of storage and even have a pass-thru storage space for larger items. Roller bins and long boxes can assist in making the most of your available space in these storage areas.

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DIY Organization Hacks

With tons of RV lifestyle blogs offering tips on organizing your RV, we’d love to share some of our favorite do-it-yourself RV organization projects to help add more storage space to your RV.

  1. Use tension rods and baskets to add more storage for toilet paper rolls, stuffed animals or shoes.

  2. Use magnetic strips to store kitchen knives and free up precious counter space. This also works for spice storage or smaller items such as bobby pins in the bathroom or legos in a play area.

  3. Add a shoe organizer to non-sliding interior doors for keeping home school supplies, small electronics or beauty supplies in one place.

  4. Dual-use pillows are perfect for hiding hand towels, bath towels and beach towels. Just stuff them in your decorative shams to hid in plain sight.

  5. Add hooks and shelving throughout the RV for more cabinet space or to hang handbags, throw blankets and such.

There are many RV storage solutions with a bit of creativity. We would love to hear about your DIY RV Storage Hacks! Just comment below and maybe we’ll share it with our readers!

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