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5 Tips For Traveling In Your 50s | Mid Florida RV

More and more people over 50 are seeking new adventures, traveling to new destinations and opting for RVs. Empty nesters recently kid-free and hopefully financially stable are ready to slow down and just enjoy life. If you’re ready to travel extensively or just take a weekend getaway, we have some wonderful tips to help you on your journey!

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Stop To Smell The "Roses"

At the top of that list is to simply take time for yourself to relax and feel rejuvenated. And we agree! After working 40 plus hours a week and caring for loved ones 24/7, anyone can understand that some me-time is priority and it’s time for a break. This is the perfect time to just stop and take it all in.

Climb Every Mountain

There’s no point in making a bucket list if all you’re going to do is look at it. So, while you’re kids may think you’ve gone crazy, now is the time check off every challenge, every goal and climb every mountain you set forth to do so. And, why not? Don’t allow others to hold you back or second guess your dreams.

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Dare To Adventure

While cruises offer all-inclusive luxury with very little planning, you may decide to go totally rogue and enjoy in some wanderlust - going where the wind blows you so to speak. When you take an RV, you’re able to get on the open road, go places you’ve never gone, see things you’ve never seen, and so on. So, pick a random place on the map and go on an adventure!

Cultivate Your Culture

It seems that the over 50s enjoy more than just resorts and beaches. This age group care about the impact of travel - immersing themselves in the history and culture of a place - visiting cities for all the culture, museums and activities found in a large metropolitan area Do some research before you leave, learn a few words in the local language, and even find groups that post events and information.

Take A Test Drive

Perhaps you’re thinking about becoming full-time RVers? We highly suggest taking a test drive first! With the variety of RVs available now, it’s sometimes overwhelming to choose between a Class A Motorcoach, Class B Camper Van, Class C Motorhome or even a Travel Trailer - different sizes, layouts, features, etc. Take your time, rent an RV or two or three, and see which one you like best. You may choose to take a new adventure in a new RV every time, or maybe you’ll find your forever home.

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