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5 Reasons To Rent An RV For Your Wedding | Mid Florida RV

You just got engaged! Congratulations! Now, it's time to plan that once in a lifetime moment -- your wedding! Flowers, cakes, and photographers are just one of a thousand choices you'll need to make in the upcoming months, but we have the answers to wedding questions you never knew existed. For instance, we can tell why you need to rent an RV for your wedding - or two or three!

Photo of David Abrams and Jennie Garth at their RV wedding.
David Abrams & Jennie Garth | RV Wedding

With the stress of of to-do lists, choices on location, time, music, etc. - where do you even begin? It's hard not to freak out and turn into a bridezilla in front of your fiancé's family. So, stop fretting and let Mid Florida RV take one or two choices off your list. How you ask? By renting an RV! Let us explain...

RV rentals are extremely popular right now as mode of transportation for vacations and weekend getaways. They are also making their way onto the wedding scene as brides are understanding the versatility and accommodations offered by RV rentals. After a bit of research, it's easy to see why couples are on the right track.

1. RV-Friendly Wedding Locations

One of the first choices to make is the location of your wedding which is one of the most time-consuming decisions of planning and will impact just about every other choice you make down the road. Thankfully, we have an out-of-the-box solution for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers alike - get married in an RV Park!

Hear us out! While this may not be the first place that crossed your mind as a wedding venue, but please note there are numerous RV parks that are reconstructing their grounds and facilities to accommodate wedding parties such as revamping pavilions and stages specifically for this purpose.

Photo of couple getting married at an RV park.
Wedding Friendly RV Parks

An RV park nestled in the trees near a glistening river or romantic beach is the kind of environment you want for an intimate wedding with friends and family. After all, having all of your family and friends in the same vicinity will make you wedding much more memorable. And, the perfect solution for a one-of-a-kind outdoor wedding adventure is to rent an RV from Mid Florida RV.

2. RV Rentals as Extra Accommodations

With family and friends coming in from out of town, one of the first items on your guest's list of to-do items is to schedule accommodations for the big day. Most likely, they'll be looking at hotels, airbnbs and the like, but why not make it more fun and memorable to give them the option of renting an RV!

Whether you drop an informational postcard from Mid Florida RV in your invite envelope or simply post a booking link to the Mid Florida RV Rentals website on your online wedding page, your prospective wedding guests will be sure to remember your wedding from the other 10 they attended this year.

Bridal couple standing in front of an RV.
Extra Accommodations For You & Your Guests

RV rentals as an option for wedding guest accommodations are great for indoor or outdoor weddings; giving them more opportunities to spend time with you and your fiancé while they relax, unwind and explore the outdoors instead of staying in the hotel all day. Your guests will be spending their time in nature, watching sunsets, singing around a campfire, and overall just having a good time.

3. Getting Ready For Your Wedding in an RV Rental

With outdoor or on-location weddings, sometimes it's impossible to get ready on-site. Most couples arrange for a separate locale to get ready for the wedding but then they have to travel to the actual site. So, to make sure you are perfectly glammed up and photo-ready, you can rent an RV for your on-site green room!

There are ample ways to create wedding friendly atmospheres even if you don't have the luxury of renting an RV setup specifically for weddings. A camper van is ideal if you're eloping and only need space for you and your best friend. Looking for more room for friends and family to snack while getting ready, you'll want a Class C, or for a more luxurious space check out a Class A!

Photo of a couple getting ready in an RV green room.
RV Green Rooms for Weddings

With outdoor weddings, the weather can be a bit undetermined, so RV rentals also make for a great chill-out spot if it's too hot or too cold for yourself or guests. Plus, your guests will have an easier time preparing for the day and not have to stress getting lost on their way to the venue.

4. Use an RV Rental for a Photo Booth, Bars, Catering, Etc.

With so many creative people renovating RVs specifically for weddings, RVs are by far one of the most charming additions as photos booths, bars, catering and more. We don't suggest that you buy a new trailer to remodel, but you can definitely rent an RV for your needs!

We've seen couples repurpose vintage RVs for photo booths with picture frames or massive custom Polaroid cutouts for adorable group photos. While these opportunities provide lots of laughter and good times, we think renting a Class A might be a better bet with moveable furniture and a homemade backdrop. You can hang lights to brighten it up and streamers to add color; creating an amusing atmosphere and amazing experience for your guests.

Photo of a couple with wedding catering in RV.
RVs for Photo Booth | Bar | Catering & More

Catering services and bars are also a way to convert an RV trailer or two helping provide food and drinks to your guests. A fan favorite are teardrop trailers when it comes to dinner and drinks. However, if you'd like to incorporate an RV rental you can allow for more seating for Grandpa and Grandma to enjoy the bash in a comfortable space.

5. Rent an RV for Your Honeymoon, Of Course!

Regardless of whether it's a one-month excursion or a weekend getaway, your honeymoon in an RV rental will be quite the adventure with creature comforts from home!

The icing on the very expensive wedding cake is that by renting an RV, you'll already have your honeymoon ready to go! This brilliant idea is perfect for those couples leaving immediately after the wedding. Your honeymoon can start off right as you head to the beach or the mountains while you transition from wedding day to the rest of your life in a fun, adventurous and unique way.

Couple having a picnic right outside their RV camper van.
Romantic Honeymoon In An RV Camper Van

No matter if you take our reasons into account or make up your own, RV rentals are a terrific way to make your celebration stand out. Motorhome, travel trailers, and RV rentals add a fun and distinctive atmosphere to your wedding that your friends and family will find it hard to forget. Plus, they'll appreciate the extra time they get to share with you!

Now that you've chose to make your wedding extraordinary, it's time to head over to Mid Florida RV Rentals! You can rent an RV and start the adventure down the aisle! Call 866-MID-FLRV (866-643-3578) for your RV rental needs!