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10 Tips For Dog Friendly RV Trips | Mid Florida RV

There's nothing like bringing your furry best friend along for an RV trip. Whether you're traveling in your own RV or renting from a dog-friendly RV rental company, the idea of bringing along your beloved dog may seem a bit daunting. After all, traveling in an RV includes unknown expectations especially with new dogs who are in unfamiliar territory.

Take a few minutes and consider our 10 tips for successfully planning a dog-friendly RV trip that the entire family can enjoy!

1. Packing For Poochie

Making sure your dog has all the tools necessary for a great vacation is key. Just like humans, there are certain things your dog should not travel without. Be sure to put these on your checklist:

  • Leash

  • Collar

  • Toys

  • Bedding

  • Non-Spill Food Bowl

  • Favorite Foods & Treats

  • Cleaning Supplies for Accidents

  • Proof Of Vaccinations

  • Medications

  • Gallon Jug of Water in case there are no hook-ups or you're boondocking.

2. Stay At Dog Friendly Campgrounds

Nearly every campground in the country have pet policies that are not to be taken lightly. Inf act, there are pretty strict rules in place in regards to our four-legged friends. Many national parks don't allow pets at all while others require pets remain on a leash whenever outdoors.

To make things simple and stress-free, get to know the pet policies of where you are going. Call ahead and confirm that the campground or RV park allows dogs before you start your adventure.

If dogs are allowed, double check to see if there are available dog parks, cleanup stations, etc.

3. Buckle Up Fido, Too

We all love to let our furry friends sit on our lap while on the road and you may be tempted to let them roam the cabin while you're driving, but please note that doing this puts your dog in danger.

Keep both you and your dog safe by either putting him/her in a harness belt or in a dog crate while you're driving. If you opt for the crate or carrier, be sure that it's secure and won't slide around on the road.

You should never crate your dog or allow your dog to free roam in a travel trailer or camper that you're pulling.

By practicing these safety precautions, you'll prevent your best friend from getting injured as well as keep yourself free from distraction while driving.

4. Find Local Vets Along Your Route

While your best buddy may seem to be in perfect health and have his shots up to date, things can happen and in case of an emergency it's always best to be prepared.

Smartphones may be advantageous while on the road helping find a vet on the go, but it's a great idea to do some research before you leave out on your adventure.

Consider searching along your RV route for local vets and check take the time to check their reviews. If you're traveling to a familiar location, you may consider contacting a local vet for recommendations.

5. Exercise & Stimulate Daily

Your doggo may be accustomed to frequent exercise in your backyard. Unfortunately, not all dog-friendly campgrounds will have a fenced-in area to play in. If this is the case, you may want to search the local area for an off-leash dog park or take your pup on a nice long walk or jog to wear her out.

No matter the activity, try to provide your dog with the same amount of exercise and stimulation that he/she typically receives at home. After all, your dog doesn't realize you're on vacation.

6. Keep An Eye Out For Weather

Your dog(s) may require that you leave them at camp while you're away doing other activities, therefore be sure to keep an eye for changes in the weather.

If it's the middle of summer and super hot, be sure to leave on the air conditioner so that they are in a cool place to relax.

If your dog is afraid of thunderstorms, have a safe area that he/she can go to in order to feel safe. Typically, thunder can terrify dogs, so maybe consider a thunder vest or bring blankets and toys from home to comfort them.

Never leave your dog unattended outdoors as tying him up and leaving them opens the door up for many inopportune situations.

7. Prepare For Wildlife Encounters

Camping leaves a lot of room for encounters of the natural kind. It's a good chance you and your dog will run into some wildlife - whether it's a bird or a squirrel or a bear - you can never be sure what control you will have over your pet.

Even if Fido is typically well-behaved, it's still in his blood to sniff out animals and track them down. The last thing you want is your dog tracking down a Grizzly Bear! So, keep a close eye on him and make sure you know how to call him back if he decides to practice his hunting skills.

Also, be sure that your dog's vaccines are up-to-date and that you've got tools available to deal with fleas and ticks.

8. Decide The Best Place To Sleep

Whether your dog is accustomed to sleeping outdoors or sleeping in your home, be sure to emulate a similar scenario inside the RV. If he has his own bed, be sure to bring it along for the trip. This will ensure your dog is comfortable and gets a good night's sleep which allows the rest of your family to do the same.

9. Go Slow For Newbies

It may not be the best idea for your dog to go from being home 99% of time to being out on the road in your RV for six months. Instead, start out with small trips allowing Benji to become accustomed to traveling in the RV. During these shorter trips, you're able to establish a permanent spot for your dog's food and water bowls as well as allow your dog to be get used to his new sleeping arrangements. Plus, it will allow for your pup to get used to a carrier, crate or seat belt harness.

10. Be A Good Neighbor

Being a good neighbor is one of the most important parts of bringing your furry best friend on a family adventure. Unfortunately, all it takes is a handful of negative experiences with a dog owner at a campground to ruin the fun for everyone.

To ensure that you're a good neighbor, be sure to keep your pup's barking to a minimum so as not to disturb. Also, obey the campground's leash laws and never leave your dog's droppings on the ground - always be sure to pickup after your pup.

Now that you and your furry best friend(s) are ready to go on some RV adventures, it's time to head over to Mid Florida RV Rentals! You can rent an RV and hit the road! Call 866-MID-FLRV (866-643-3578) for your RV rental needs!