Frequently Asked Questions | Renting An RV

Below are some of the most popular questions asked by our adventurers! Click the questions below for our answers. If you don't find what you're looking for email your question(s) here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What RVs are available?

We have a wide range of units from Travel Trailers to Luxury Class A Motorhomes. Please call or email us today to discuss your options and let us help you decide what will best fit your needs. Call Us at 813-494-8501

Is there a minimum rental period?

We have a 3-day minimum rental period.

How do I rent an RV?

There are several ways to book your rental. You can call us directly, email us, book directly online or schedule time with us to guide you through the process. Call Us: 866-MID-FLRV (866-643-3578) Email Us: Or Book NOW Online

What kind of mileage can I expect from an RV?

This is hard to pin down, as it depends on the vehicle and how you drive it:

  • Class A RVs and Motorhomes are the largest. Most are diesel, but some are gas. An average range is 8-13 MPG.
  • Class B RVs are camping and touring vans. Some are diesel and get better mileage than gas. An average range is 10-25 MPG.
  • Class C Motorhomes have luury plus better gas mileage than Class As. An average range is 14-20 MPG.
  • When pulling a trailer...depends on your towing schedule. Gas or diesel. How much the trailer weighs. You can probably figure on between a 10-25% reduction in mileage.

What about insurance?

We provide you peace of mind on your journey with insurance provided for your rental period. If you are a USAA member you can check with your local office to see if you are covered to drive and RV and the insurance will be waived.

Is my deposit refundable?

The inital $350 deposit is non-refundable unless the booking is cancelled 30 days in advance or in the event of a natural disaster.

Can I extend my trip?

We are always happy to help accommodate. Just give us a call at 866-MID-FLRV (866-643-3578) and if the unit is not currently being booked for the dates you request we will be happy to extend your reveal.

Can I shorten my trip?

While you are welcome to return at any time, you will still be charged for the booking period in your reservation.

Can an international traveler rent an RV?

As long as you have a valid U.S. or Canadian Driver's License, you can rent from us.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellation Policy - You are welcome to cancel your reservation at any time, we understand things come up. The $350 initial deposit is non-refundable but we will be happy to change your dates to accommodate your trip.

Do I need a special RV license to rent/or drive an RV?

In order to rent and/or drive an RV Rental, an individual must be 25 years of age or older, and possess a valid driver's license from their State of Residence. No special class or permit is required.

Do you offer one-way rentals?

Sorry, we do not currently offer one-way RV rentals. We do offer delivery and pick-up options within a limited distance of our location. Contact us at 866-MID-FLRV (866-643-3578) for more details.

Do I get a short lesson about driving an RV?

Yes, we want to make sure you are comfortable in driving the motorhome. Once you have booked your reservation, let us know and we will schedule a lesson.

Do you deliver and set-up?

We are happy to provide delivery and set-up to any location. Price is determined on location so please just ask and we will be happy to give you a quote! Contact us at 866-MID-FLRV (866-643-3578)

How about additional charges?

Additional charges for each rental are the fuel, cleaning, and prep fee, as follows:

  • $150 for Propane and Full Fuel Upon Return
  • $75 for Cleaning & Sanitizing
These ensure that your unit is always clean, gassed up and ready for your excursion.

What are the requirements for towing?

There are many factors invloved in towing a unit. Based on your vehicle and the unit you are renting we will be happy to visit with you about your vehicle's towing capabilities to ensure you have the proper equipment as well as a safe trip! Below on the right is a chat button if you can't reach us immediately and would like to schedule a time to talk.

How many people can travel in a motorhome?

The number of people that can travel safely in a motor home will depend on the number of seat belts supplied by the manufacturer. A 24- and 29-foot Class C motorhome can accommodate 9 passengers, and a 31-foot Class C motorhome can accommodate 9 passengers. Our 32-foot Class A motorhome can accommodate 6 passengers.

Can I bring my pet in the RV?

Pets are always welcome, however, there is a $75 one-time fee for traveling with your pet.

What if I return my rental later than expected?

Rentals dropped off after 5 PM on the booking return day will be charged for an additional night. We understand these things sometimes happen so just give us a call at 866-MID-FLRV (866-643-3578).

What does unlimited miles mean?

We will never put limits on your vacation with hidden costs and restrictions. We set ourselves apart from the rest by always providing truly unlimited miles and generator hours.